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Fotografija Posjetiteljskog centra Dravska priča


In the former summer residence of the Count Drašković, in the small Slavonian village Noskovci, Čađavica municipality, Virovitica-Podravina County, was settled down the Visitor Center The Drava Story, managed by the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Parts of Nature and the Ecological Network of Virovitica Podravina County. In the 800 m2, renovated and modernly equipped facility, they are located the offices of the Public Institution, spaces for presentation and education, a bio-research station, and accommodation facilities (a total of 34 beds). All spaces are thematically decorated, equipped with the installations in the space in interaction with the additional multimedia content to educate visitors about the natural values at every step, but in a different way.


As the Visitor Center The Drava Story is located in a multi-protected area of nature, the settings of the Visitor Center are focused on the interpretation of biodiversity, education of the visitors and the preservation of natural heritage. This area is of special importance for the conservation of biological diversity, and nature protection in this area began in 1969, when was protected the group of trees, as a Monument of park architecture, the park around today's Visitor Center. The protection was further expanded in 2007 by including the valuable habitats along the Drava River in the National Ecological Network, today the European ecological network Natura 2000. The settlements of Čađavica along the Drava River became the part of the 1st Regional Park proclaimed in the Republic of Croatia, Mura- Drava, which was 2012 became the part of the transboundary Mura-Drava-Danube Biosphere Reserve, under the protection of UNESCO, and the area is an integral part of the Green Belt of Europe.


The Visitor center The Drava Story has developed facilities intended for different categories of the visitors - for the children and the young people through the implementation of school in nature programs, as well as various forms of field teaching for students, the River School, programs for nature lovers, healthy living and recreation for groups or individual visitors. The Visitor Center The Drava Story provides the service of implementing a verified program of the school in nature, accommodation, professional guidance, as well as various additional contents for the education and active use of the free time. The Visitor Center The Drava Story is equipped with facilities that enable the participation in these programs to the people with disabilities and reduced mobility.