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The Multimedia

In the basement of the building in the hallway there is the layout which is arranged to present the Mura Drava Regional Park, the cross-border Mura Drava Danube Biosphere Reserve, the ecological network Natura 2000 and Life on the River - in the past and today, and there is the presentation hall where is through 8 interpretation points present:

1. The Sand Martins


The presentation point shows the steep bank of the river with the habitat of the Sand Martin. Through the 11 interpretation points (nests) the life of the Sand Martin is shown – the nest, the nest with eggs and the story of parenthood, the depth and method of nest building, the distribution, appearance of the Sand Martin, migration and finally feeding.


2. The dynamic processes of the Drava River


The interactive table shows the course of the river and its extremely valuable, but at the same time endangered habitats - backwaters, meanders, steep banks, reefs, and today's reality of some rivers - canalization of watercourses and dams and hydroelectric power plants. By touch, the visitors can influence to the change of the river flow and influence on its dynamic processes.


3. What secrets does a waterdrop hide?


The presentation point takes the visitor to aquatic habitats in the impression that he is walking on the bottom of a pond, and above him observes typical aquatic vegetation - water lilies, crocuses, water lentils, etc. An additional element of this presentation point is a view of life in a drop of water which is invisible to the naked eye.


4. Life in and out of the water


In this presentation point, a part of the fauna of the Mura Drava Regional Park is presented, whose life cycle begins in the water and continues on the ground or in the air (frogs, dragonflies, tulars, mosquitoes and water flowers).


5. The Beaver lodge


The visitors are introduced to the life of the beaver, a species that became extinct in the late 19th century and was reintroduced to the area in the mid 1990s. The visitors at this point enter to the beaver’s lodge through the water and then get to know the beaver’s life within its dwelling (our beaver dries the laundry).


6. A Film


The attractiveness of this presentation point is the possibility of "sailing" on the rivers Mura, Drava and Danube, where visitors are introduced to the value and importance of preserving the exceptional biological diversity of these protected areas.


7. Who is mudding the waters?


The presentation point aims to draw visitors' attention to the extremely large number of bird species in the area of the Mura Drava Regional Park and the cross-border Mura Drava Danube Biosphere Reserve. 7 different species of birds were presented, and by choosing the bird's beak, visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the specific way of feeding of the selected species, ie the way of searching for food in the mud.


8. Endemic species of the Danube river basin


The interactive aquarium presents endemic species of the Mura Drava Regional Park and the Mura Drava Danube Transboundary Biosphere Reserve. Using the menu system, visitors have access to information on the specifics of the life cycle of selected endemic species of the Danube basin - Vladykov's lamprey, Cactus roach, Danube salmon, Striped ruffe, European mudminnow, Danube crested newt and Moor Frog.