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New faces of the Visitor Center The Drava Story

As part of the implementation of the project The Visitor Center The Drava Story - an interactive, innovative and accessible to all experience of nature, various painting techniques were used to paint surfaces inside the building and in the park. All motifs were painted by the famous 3D artist Filip Mrvelj from Slavonski Brod, currently with a Berlin address.

The entrance to the basement of the building – The sources of the Mura, Drava and Danube

The wall and ceiling surfaces are painted, and the sources of the rivers flow from the upper part of the staircase towards the lower part, where they visually connect. On the right side of the staircase is a view to the source of the Mura, which flows into the Drava, and on the left wall is the source of the Danube. The central part, before entering the multimedia content, shows the confluence of the Drava and the Danube near Aljmaš.

The space under the stairs on the ground floor – the Drava forests of fairies and elves

The wall and ceiling surfaces (below and around the stairs) were painted by using the anamorphic painting technique. The painting of this space on an attractive way presents a part of the traditional heritage and belief of the inhabitants along the Mura and Drava that fairies and elves are "forces of nature", who live next to us and often, although we are not aware, affect our lives ...

The eastern entrance to the ground floor – The Fantasy Forest

Using the technique of digital painting with printing on foil, the space of the corridor on the ground floor on the east side of the building has been arranged. The title of the topic Fantasy Forest is an attempt to present in a slightly different way the exceptional biological diversity, value and importance of preserving the forest systems of the Republic of Croatia. Painting techniques have achieved the effect of depth, so that the visitor passing through the hallway, has the impression that he is walking through the forest, our fantasy forest.

The 3D graffiti at the main entrance to the Center - The main course of the Drava River

On this surface, the main course of the Drava River is presented, with numerous biological and landscape features - steep, but also wide sandy shores, the richness of bird species, but also the coexistence of man with his river. The 3D impression of the Drava River is achieved with a camera, ie the lens of a camera or mobile phone, from a marked point at the entrance to the park of The Drava Story Visitor Center. The motive continues with a meander behind the eastern entrance to the Center where the swans are located, and continues with a connection with the Drava oxbow on the north side of the Center.

The 3D graffiti on the north side of the Center – The Drava oxbow

The oxbows of the Drava River are rich in numerous plants and animal species, including this one, created in The Drava Story. The dominant motive of this graphite is the white-tailed eagle, one of the many species of birds that inhabit in this area and make it recognizable in the world.