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VIDEO: With the help of the nature conservationists in Virovitica Podravina County, these days there were several birds, among them the white-tailed eagle, returned to the nature after recovery

Spring usually marks the beginning of a new life, but it is even better when the opportunity for a new life returns to animals that are threatened with death due to injuries. With the help of the nature conservationists in Virovitica Podravina County, these days several birds, including the protected white-tailed eagle, have been returned to the nature after recovery.

This is the barn owl, an owl that usually inhabits abandoned houses and barns. It is ready for flight, just like other birds that were helped in the Visitor Center The Drava Story.

- It is one of the most beautiful days in our business. We will release a total of 5 birds into the wild today - yesterday we had one mute swan, and about a month ago a tawny owl - said Tatjana Arnold Sabo, director of the Public Institution for Management of Protected Parts of Nature and Ecological Network of Virovitica Podravina County.



Whether they are called by the 112 service or the citizens, they will take care of the found injured animal. If she needs more serious help, she will be sent to the Zagreb Zoo, and then to the AWAP, Association for Wild Animals Protection.

For several months, three buzzards in it could hardly wait for the opportunity to fly. But for the longest time, this white-tailed eagle was not immediately willing to fly away.

- Since she was in transport, in that cage, she also needs time to get active. She will take off when she feels ready for it, said Vladimir Juhaz - head of the bio-research station.

The protected bird, whose population in Croatia is estimated at only 150 pairs, was found by fishermen. She was acting weird.

- The biggest problem was that he was quite domesticated- as it turned out later, we found out that it was she, said Vladimir Ajhler – a nature keeper.

He drove the bird to Zagreb on the feast of St. John, so the eagle got that name.

- They have a place in nature, and if you connect with them, it makes your job harder. We avoid it, but this time, the circumstances were different . It was the feast of St. John and her name remained Ivana - said Vladimir Ajhler.

And after ten months in the shelter, the bird could not cope. In vain, her relatives flew over us and called to her.

And when we had already left her by the river, thinking that she might have to go to a shelter again - a video arrived by e-mail. Ivana is flying, the nature has won another battle.